Section 106 (NHPA) Evaluations

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires federal agencies to take into account the effects that their federally funded activities and programs have on significant historic properties.

206 Sixth Street, San Francisco

206 Sixth Street (2011)

Working for Mercy Housing, we were hired to complete both an HRE and a Section 106 evaluation in preparation for the demolition of an historic hotel to make way for federally funded low-income housing units.

San Mateo County Public Health Laboratory

San Mateo County Public Health Laboratory (2009)

San Mateo County had only a brief window in which to have a Section 106 evaluation prepared on a 1952 building constructed as a home for dependent children in order to qualify for federal funding to build a new laboratory.

We completed the project, which included evaluations of twenty-six nearby properties, in less than a month, and it was accepted by the State Office of Historic Preservation on the first reading.

Click here to view a pdf of the Section 106 evaluation.