Tim Kelley Consulting

San Francisco Planning Department Assistance

Tim Kelley Consulting can assist you in navigating the Planning Department requirements for your project, including historical, environmental, and project reviews, and is available for ongoing consultations and meetings. We are certified as approved Historic Resource Evaluation (HRE) consultants by the San Francisco Planning Department and we meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Standards for Historic Preservation professionals.

Supplemental Information for Historic Resource Determination

The San Francisco Planning Department's CEQA Review Procedures for Historic Resources require that a Supplemental Information for Historic Resource Determination be supplied by the applicant before any substantial exterior alterations are done to the exterior if the building is 50 years old or greater. This report documents the history of the building, including the architect or builder, all permits and visible alterations, and the chain of ownership. The report also examines how the building relates to its surroundings.

Historic Resources Evaluations

Occasionally, the Planning Department will decide that additional information, in the form of an Historic Resource Evaluation, is required to determine whether a building is a historic resource and, if the building is a resource, what impact the proposed project would have. An HRE will determine whether the property has been previously evaluated, determine whether the property is a potential resource using the California Register Criteria, evaluate how the existing building fits within its neighborhood context, and, if the building is determined to be a resource, discuss how the proposed project will impact both the existing structure and its surrounds and what mitigating measure might be taken.

Tim Kelley Consulting will help you determine which report is required for your project. We will complete your report quickly and accurately and, if necessary, will respond to comments regarding the report.

Environmental Planning

The Environmental Planning Division (formerly MEA) of the Planning Department reviews projects for potential environmental impacts on the City of San Francisco and its residents, a process known as environmental review.  Most local industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential developments or redevelopments are subject to review.

The review process begins with the submittal of a completed Environmental Evaluation (EE) Application to the Planning Department. Tim Kelley Consulting will work with property owners, architects, and project sponsors to complete the Environmental Evaluation Application, as well as scheduling and attending a meeting with the Planning Department to submit the application and required fees.

We will also assist in managing the process if additional qualified consultants are required to complete a Geotechnical Report or Tree Disclosure.

Project Approval

Whether you need to replace your windows, add a garage, or put up a brand new building, Tim Kelley Consulting can guide you through the planning process. Our staff includes former City Planners who know the code and the ropes.